The Aim High Foundation

Aim High is a leader in the martial arts world, community & family events, and a leading partner with local schools and family service industry. Aim High looks for opportunities to develop its mission and purpose with continually seeking out new methods, operation standards, and growth. With multiple locations to provide service such as a martial arts school, a charter school, school collaboration programs and community inclusion; Aim High can increase resources and provide its services to a broader client. We believe in deep collaboration and cross-development of other charities and groups, which allow us to innovate in a way that others cannot. We are an action based, results oriented and people first non-profit company.  

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Aim High began as a for-profit business in 2005, as a very small instructor-owned studio.  As the organization grew, it became evident to it’s owner, now the Executive Director, and a group of dedicated parents and martial arts students that Aim High was more than a place to kick and punch. Rather, it was a family and community centered environment that led to personal growth and development, and led to social and environmental responsibility.  In 2009, Aim High shifted its business classification to that of a non-profit organization with a focus on developing its students and community through education and acts of service.

Our growth didn't stop in 2009. Aim High has continued to improve and has solidified its identity as the premier martial arts school in Portland. In addition, our non-profit status has enabled Aim High to create a significant impact in our community. Since 2013, Aim High has given over $500,000 in scholarship funds to our students. In addition, folks from our community have graciously donated over 25,000 hours of volunteer time at Aim High. This tells us that our students not only believe in our mission, but they believe in it so strongly that they want to donate their time to help make a difference. 

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Aim High has had the ability to screen print its own shirts since 2013. However, in 2016, Executive Owner Danny Sikkens had a new vision for this department. Rather than solely produce apparel for Aim High, he envisioned a program that could offer a variety of customized goods to organizations throughout our community- thus Aim High Ink was born. 

Aim High Ink has now produced a variety of goods including t-shirts, coasters, and pens for several different clients throughout our community.  Additionally, Aim High Ink has been able to hire at-risk, transitional youth to help produce all of the goods they have produced.

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Children who are severely impacted by autism spectrum disorder or other behavior disorders struggle to be independent in their everyday lives.  These children rely primarily on the adults in their life to meet their basic needs.  Impact's main focus is to promote independent living so that those needs may be independently met.  We teach basic self-care skills such as brushing their teeth and hair, while also targeting independent food preparation and basic cleaning skills.  

Active, healthy living is one of Impact's primary goals.  We encourage at least 30 minutes of structured, continuous exercise every day to maintain a healthy activity level.  Impact also focuses on each child's diet and introduces our children to healthier food choices.  Combined, these programs have lead to healthier, more physically active children.  

Impact strives to teach our children affected by autism spectrum disorder or other behavior disorders skills that help them circumnavigate everyday life.  A simple trip to the grocery store can prove to be challenging for our children. Impact teaches our children skill such as being aware in crowds of people, stopping when asked, accepting no, other safety skills.  With these skills, our children may join their families in their community.

These are just a few highlights of the types of services Impact focuses on with their clients.